Our History

Draft Michael, is a well-known website in charge of the publication and information of data on sport and sports betting itself, to the public in general. All this, is only to make it easier for people to place their bets online and without leaving home.
This site, was created with the intention that people could be quietly at home and make their bets easily without going out and with the possibility also to place them successfully, minutes before the games and competitions begin.
Our page publishes content on different sports, such as soccer, tennis, football, baseball, NBA, college basketball and other sports, which makes us a very varied and interactive webpage, in front of all the pages that can become a competition.
We have a lot of experience in the field of online betting, specifically. We have 6 years teaching experience and give the public in general the opportunity to learn more about this world of wagers and make it easier for them to bet on the sports field.
We started everything as a test project, to see if this was possible, but after seeing that everything worked out perfectly and it was a reliable service with a lot of security, we decided to launch it to the public.
Draft Michael is a site in which we guarantee that security will prevail, there will not be any type of problems regarding our precaution and we assure that we’ll provide reliable reviews and references. If you have a question, just contact us.
Our creator, Marcelo Cordova, had the great idea of creating an option in which you can simulate bets without having to place real money and you can try to see if the predictions you make are correct or not. With this you can try your luck in wagers and thus not lose your own money.
Many people prefer our site because we have things that other pages do not have, such as the high-quality reviews and references to a great variety of sports in which you can bet. For all those things we recommend that you use the service of our page, which is 100% guaranteed and checked and does not present any complications at the moment.
Welcome to our site! With our handy guides and tips, you will have a great time betting on your favorite sport.

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