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Here is a partial list of individuals that have expressed their support for Bloomberg for President.

  • Gail 'for Rail" Parker
  • Tex Wood
  • Capt. Ron Fisher
  • Janet Murphy
  • Harlan Wahlert
  • Representative Daniel M. Donovan Jr
  • John D. Kelly
  • Albert Burckard Jr.
  • Aaron Lyles
  • Michael R. Dickinson
  • Priscilla R. Burnett
  • Jesse Ray Whittacre
  • John Smith Jr.
  • Michael Watt
  • Thinking about Running!
    Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg

    Here's what Mike's supporters are saying...

    I hope this message reaches Mr. Bloomberg.

    I am a Democrat from New Hampshire. I worked on Bill Clinton's campaign, and in the Transition. I also volunteered in Hillary's office when she was first lady. I raised money for Obama and proudly voted for him twice.

    This year I am praying that Michael Bloomberg enters the race. With each win under Trump's belt, I grow increasingly alarmed and afraid. I am so afraid that he will win that I am considering moving back overseas. I was overseas on and off for twenty years, and only returned to the US five years ago. Similarly, I am afraid that Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic nomination, and he will never win the general election. That leaves Trump.

    Michael Bloomberg is the perfect candidate to me, and he can bridge this chasm in our country. Incidentally, a friend of mine who is a New Hampshire Republican, is also hoping Bloomberg enters the race. I told him I would be writing this email, and he asked me to mention him.

    Please pass this on to Mayor Bloomberg. If a New Hampshire Republican and Democrat agree that he can save us all, think of what he can do for the rest of the nation. We need an adult in the White House; a level-headed, can't-be-bought, intelligent and compassionate leader. That's Michal Bloomberg!

    I'm ready to volunteer!

    Kind regards,
    Jaimie Seaton (female, 50 years old)
    Hanover, NH


    Dear Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Kasich:
    I write to you both with the most sincere hope that you will agree to put aside past political practices and join together to re-unite and save my country. I am among what I believe is the majority of Americans that are completely fed up with the practices of both major political parties, and am convinced that the leading presidential candidates from each party are not what this country needs at this time. I truly believe the leadership of the parties are so blinded by their hatred and bias towards each other, they cannot see the ruinous results of their inability to solve the major problems facing our country.
    This is the year that more people are looking for an independent candidate than a major party candidate. Just as the major parties have proven to be inept at governing in Washington, D.C., they are even more inept at selecting presidential candidates. Oddly, the only people that cannot see this happening is the leadership of each party. From the Democratic Party, we have the very obvious ‘fix’ in for Mrs. Clinton. No matter what she does or says, the people of this country just do not trust her. From the Republican party, The ‘Disgust Factor’ is well under way in bringing us Mr. Trump as the nominee. Whenever I think of either of those two people as my President, I just feel sick.
    I think the greatest threat to the American way of life is our national debt. Whenever I check the debt numbers, I am astounded by the clarity of the direction we are heading. There can be no solution other than financial collapse if we do not address our national income and expense structure. Other than Governor Kasich, there is not one candidate running for president that actually knows what it takes to balance a national budget. This issue is so enormous, the candidates just do not want to talk about it; probably because that conversation would be a contradiction of all the new spending they promise to get elected. How ironic that even as I write this, I am pretty sure the Republican leadership is putting the squeeze on Governor Kasich to drop out of the race.
    Mayor Bloomberg, as selfish as this sounds, I implore you to run as an Independent Candidate for the Presidency of the United States, and further request that you announce Governor Kasich as your Vice President running mate. I know this sounds a little crazy, but please think about it. Please at least talk to each other, because the two of you can save our country from the lunacy of our current times.
    Thank you both for considering this idea.
    George E. Green
    Windermere, FL



    Ralph Nader: What Is Michael Bloomberg Thinking?


    Jan. 27, 2016

    Last week Michael Bloomberg, former three-term mayor of New York City, told his advisers to inform the media that he is laying the groundwork for a possible presidential campaign as an independent. This is the third presidential cycle in which he has contemplated such a run. So bold, given the two-party tyranny that heavily controls the ballot choices of voters. It is not indecision that is rendering him tentative. No one who has built a booming media empire from a relatively small investment in the early 1980s, and who was elected as a Republican in a Democratic Party stronghold, can be charged with indecision.

    Rather, the problem is a deeply researched hesitation. Bloomberg wants to run only if he thinks he can win. He is not interested in making collateral points or pursuing causes that are not directly on the path to electoral victory. In his typically methodical fashion, for nearly 10 years Bloomberg has been quietly conducting surveys and polls and having frank discussions with his advisers, colleagues, historians and electoral specialists over the variables.
    He deeply believes he is the most capable candidate, and the constants are his assets. His wealth saves him precious personal time and conveys a widely appreciated impression that he cannot be bought. His company name makes his national name recognition a fairly easy task. He governed a fractious Democratic city in a hands-on, largely bipartisan manner—showcasing a New York value—that is sought by people tired of gridlock and rancor. He can talk about the needs of the tens of millions of urban dwellers more graphically than any of the present candidates.

    Although he has received criticism for his positions on civil liberties and poverty policies, he panders less than almost any national politician. Just ask the tobacco and junk-food companies, the NRA and the restaurant industry (hold the soda and the smokes). Remarkably, he resisted heavy local pressure in 2010 and supported the right of an Islamic cultural center to locate in lower Manhattan. Then there are views and candidates he has championed that are disliked by many. He favors charter schools and as mayor was protective of Wall Street, minimizing its serious derelictions in favor of emphasizing its economic importance to New York City.

    Bloomberg is right to worry more about the variables than these constants. His major concern is the vestigial Electoral College; he knows that Ross Perot, running an erratic campaign in 1992, still won 19 million votes without garnering one electoral vote. He worries about how swayable hereditary voters would be for an independent. In 2011, Bloomberg told me only half facetiously, “Fifteen percent of the Republicans would vote for Leon Trotsky if he were their party’s nominee, while 15% of the Democrats would vote for Ayn Rand if she was their party’s choice.” But this year’s elections are extraordinarily volatile. With a large number of independent voters looking for winners, and party loyalties fraying on everything from privacy protections to criminal-justice -reform and health care, all bets are off.

    The biggest variable Bloomberg faces is whether the two parties will nominate candidates he considers to be polarizing figures representing the extremes of each party: Donald Trump—or worse, Ted Cruz—and Senator Bernie Sanders. And he is thinking that a robust three-way race could give him pluralities of popular votes (under a winner-takes-all system) in enough states to give him the 270 or more electoral votes needed to win.

    The two parties could not keep Bloomberg out of the presidential debates since he would meet their arbitrary criterion of registering 15% or more in the polls. In theory, he could start getting on all state ballots if he announces by early March, according to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News.

    But will we know by the end of March who the likeliest nominees are? For Bloomberg, since he is not satisfied with merely broadening the content and horizons of the 2016 presidential campaign, that may be the decisive variable for his decision. With his billion-dollar budget at the ready, he wants to become the known centrist candidate who can get results from legislators of both parties and does not scare the presently terrified party establishments.

    I don’t believe in blanket endorsements. And viewing independent candidates as “spoilers” is to use a politically bigoted word, as if such challengers are second-class citizens. Everybody has a First Amendment right to run for office.

    But if successful, Bloomberg would be the first independent presidential candidate ever to win the White House. Agree with his candidacy or not, that prospect alone could unleash forces, down to local elections, for a much needed competitive democracy.

    Nader is the author of Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State and a four-time presidential candidate

            "Please run!!!!!!."
        -- cmohre

        "Go for it!! If not now, when? We need him as an alternative to the people who are already running."
        -- gdmmjm

        "We must persuade Michael Bloomberg to run. I am a lifelong California Republican, retired Navy Captain and partner in a big four accounting firm. The current republican field is completely unrepresentative of traditional centrist Republican values. The Democratic candidates are equally unsuited for the presidency. Michael Bloomberg's proven exceptional executive government managerial skills as mayor of NYC, his success in business, strong international credentials and moderate social stances make him the perfect centrist candidate. Michael Bloomberg has an obligation to run. Our country needs him as an alternative to the current unsatisfactory field."
        -- Lance G

        "PLEASE RUN! You will have my vote!"
        -- SVarch54

        "I would be honored to work for M. Bloomberg for president in any way I can. I have been ardently hoping he would run for and secure the office for many years."
        -- Kathleen M.

        "please run good sense"

        -- cwallworks

        "Dear Mike,

    I watched this TED talked (link below) and all I could think about was just how damn important it is that we get someone in the White House NOW that is not afraid to make changes and fix our broken system.  We all can sense that the US is on or near the edge of a catastrophe, and that was before Trump entered into the picture!  One of the main reasons I voted for Obama was because I thought he could make real change in Washington.  Unfortunately he did not make the level of changes I was hoping, which doesn't mean that he was not a great president.  Everyone forgets how close the world was to total fiscal collapse and how it was the confidence that he showed that helped bring us back from the brink.  What it does show is just how messed up the system is.

    We need a guy like you Mike that is not afraid to make the hard choices and push through changes that are good for the US and the World and not every other politician that has their hand out looking for money, power, or both. Greed is killing this world and if we don't find a way to make politics an honorable practice very bad things are going to happen in our lifetime.  We need the smartest and brightest in there providing real leadership.  Unfortunately we can't rely on business to fix the problems that the government can't because most feel that their reason for existence is to make a profit first and taking care of people is usually low on the list of priorities.  Until they find a way to put people and humanity in front of money and greed we are heading into a terrible spot that we very well may not be able to get ourselves out of.

    I've never been involved in politics because it repulses me but I would support and opening encourage my friends and colleagues to vote for you Mike if you enter the race, which I pray you do.

    Mike if you are listening, please take this on.  There are millions of others just like me who are not actively involved but will get behind a candidate like you that is smart, successful (not just wealthy), and most importantly has empathy for all people regardless of age, race, income, or political affiliation.

    I'll be watching and hoping you join Mike.  Thank you for even considering this.  It will no doubt be the most important job you will ever have.

    David N"

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