The Difference Between Horse Racing Bets



The Difference Between Horse Racing Bets

Entertainment is a large and important part of how we spend our lives. There are several activities that people can participate in to have a good time, relax or get an adrenaline rush. Some of the forms of entertainment that get people’s blood rushing is betting. It can be through casino games and betting on live events or games. One of the popular games includes horse racing.

Horse racing begun in the 12th Century when Arab horses were interbred with British mares to create a new breed of horses that had both endurance and speed. The nobility at the time would privately wager over races between these thoroughbreds. Horse racing is responsible for over $100 billion in spending. There are also a couple of popular riders such as Charlotte Dujardin, Pippa Funnell and Sir Mark Todd. The tradition of betting has continued to this day with different ways to place bets that come with different rewards, and has led to many bookmakers to launch, such as Coral horse betting, an established bookmaker which received a great review from British Racecourses. If you are new to horses, it is important to know what these are. This post shares what they are.

Win Bet

This is the simplest and most common bet you can place. While it is simple and direct, it also comes with an average chance of winning and the payoff is determined by win odds. You can only bet on a horse that will come first in a race. One of the classics offered by Coral Horse Racing is the “extra places” offer. It helps by removing a frustration where your horse finished a spot outside the places on an each way while additionally, increasing the chances you have at success in the process.

Vertical Exotic Bets

These types of bets allows you to determine the correct finishing order of the race. There is not just one kind of vertical exotic bet but three types to choose from. They are exacta, trifecta and superfecta. Exacta refers to a bet where you have to choose the correct finishing order of the firs and second in the race. A trifecta bet requires that you pick the horses that finish first, second and third in the correct order. Finally, the superfecta, needs a correct bet of the first four finishes in order to win, that means you have to get the first, second, third and fourth correct.

Horizontal Exotic Bets

This is the category of parlay bets where the only way to win is by placing the correct winners for consecutive races. There is a catch where you have to place the bets before the first of the series of the races starts. They come in five categories including daily double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6. Daily double requires that you choose the winners of two races in a row. Pick 3 requires the winners of three straight races in order to win; Pick 4, the four winners of four races that are consecutive; Pikc 5 five winners from five consecutive races and lastly Pick 6, six winners from six consecutive races.

Show Bets

Place bets offer a very good chance of winning with modest payoffs. The catch is that your horse needs to finish first, second or third. It usually goes for up to $6 per horse.

Place Bets

This is a bet with relatively good chances of winning where the payoffs are better than a show bet. The orses you bet on must finish in first or second place. You will usually only part with $5 per horse you bet on.


Horse racing goes back a long time as an activity that was first among nobles but is now accessible by more people as a source of entertainment on TV and also betting in order to make some winnings on the races. The great thing is that a player is not limited by one bet but there are a number of bets that you can use that work better for each individuals affinity for risk and entertainment. Some of the different bets that exist include Place Bets, Show Bets, Win Bets, Horizontal Exotic Bets and Vertical Exotic Bets. Some bets come with different sub-categories to add even more fun to the experience of horse race betting. With an understanding of the different kinds of bets you can place, you are in a better place to have a great time.

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